Mobile Apps For A Better Biking Adventure And Maintenance

Your phone could be the perfect assistant for cyclists. With its power to operate a lot of different practical cycling applications, mobile phones have been an essential aspect of cycling. It has more functionality than the simple bicycle computer system, the mobile phone enables you to conveniently monitor and record tours, strategize routes, constantly look out for your training, ensure your bike’s health, and many more.

You will find a huge selection of cycling info and help presented through your mobile phone, from navigating sites to setting up and monitoring all your trainings. Your mobile phone is an alternative to GPS or bike computers. You can track your progress by simply uploading the data captured from your rides and save it to your website linked to your mobile app.

You can also find an app to help you maintain and fix your bike to keep it fit and running all the time. But of course, when it comes to bike maintenance, you will still have to contribute a lot of manual work. Checkout other mobile apps for your biking adventure. Websites like provide you with all the best apps for the cyclist. You ought to check them out.

Does A Smartphone Do The Job For The Cyclist?

Remember, your mobile phone app will just guide you through the process, like a checklist. Below is a quick guide for your bike maintenance. Oh, and you may want to get yourself a bicycle maintenance stand (cavalletto manutenzione per bici) to make repair and cleaning quick and easy.

Simple Bike Maintenance Guide

Who doesn’t love the thrill of cycling – tight bends, steep descents? Regular bike maintenance is extremely important to ensure that this thrill lasts for as long as possible. This is a fact that you should definitely be aware of. All of these cleaning and repairing for your bike could be quick and easy with bicycle maintenance stand from Salitomania. Here are some of the things you need to know about properly maintaining your mountain bike.

Regular Cleaning

Among the most crucial points about bike maintenance is making sure you clean it on a regular basis. It could be tedious, but is actually true; Daily care of your bike goes a long way towards ensuring that your bike is always in top shape. If you don’t clean your bike regularly, dirt and grime will find permanent spots on the surface. Not only will this affect the look of your bike, but it will also have a significant impact on its performance over time. In addition, dirt and grease make your bike susceptible to corrosion.

If you think you need a fancy bike maintenance cleaning kit, then you are wrong. All you need is a sponge and a bucket filled with soapy water. As soon as you have removed the coarse dirt from your bike with a little water and a brush, rinse it off with water; you may have to repeat the process a few times for stubborn dirt. Prevent rusting by spraying your bike metal parts with WD-40.

Inflate your Bike Tires

When doing bike maintenance, the bike tires must not be forgotten under any circumstances. It is important that you make sure that your bike’s tires are inflated as they should be. Why is that so important? Quite simply because poorly inflated bicycle tires increase the risk of breakdowns, and that’s not the goal, is it?

There are a number of options for getting air pressure on your tires, including using hand pumps. But the fact is, nothing works as well for this job as a floor pump with a pressure gauge. Using a floor pump to inflate the tires has many advantages. One of the greatest advantages is that you can fill in exactly the amount of air that is recommended for your tire; no more and no less. You can easily borrow such a floor pump from a bike shop.

Making sure your bike’s tires are always adequately inflated is important. It goes a long way towards keeping your tires in a usable condition for a longer period of time. So you should also check your tires every time you service your bike to check a certain level of safety.

Regularly Check your Brakes

Some people believe that speed is all that matters when it comes to riding their bikes. Well, that’s not the case, the responsibility is growing at a great rate: making sure you can control it. And what does it mean to control your speed? It means you have to make sure you can stop at any time, regardless of the speed you’re traveling at. This is why, when servicing your bike, making sure your brakes are in tip-top condition is so important. The very first thing is to make sure that your bicycle doesn’t have distressed brake pads.

Another thing that you need to make sure when servicing your bike is that your brakes are tight. The simplest way to tighten your brakes is to turn the cylinder adjuster with the brake lever.

Service your Bike Chain

Make sure to also check your chain during bike maintenance. The bike chain is probably the most important part of your bike, as performance depends directly on it. If your bike chain is dirty and greasy, it is of the utmost importance for you to clean it. When degreasing the bike chain, use WD-40. To do this, you can spray or soak the bike chain with the WD-40. Then take a toothbrush and use it to spotless the bicycle chain. This way, you can make sure that all the dirt stuck between the links of the bike chain has been removed.

As soon as you have finished degreasing the bicycle chain, we recommend applying a lubricant coating to the bicycle chain. Lubricant coating will keep the bike chain working smoothly.