Author: Bryson Chuck

How Real Reels “Likes” Impact Instagram’s Explore Page

Buy Instagram reels likes but make sure they come from real and active IG accounts so you can get your mobile software posts more visible in IG’s Explore page. “Likes” even for mobile app reels are considered social proof that they are relevant to IG users who have indicated interest in viewing similar content. That is because it’s how interactions […]

COD Bonus Rewards: Some Examples of How to Use Them

Ever since Call of Dragons was officially rolled out for mobile gaming, many gamers have been asking how to get codes for free rewards in Call of Dragons (COD). Although the game is still evolving with the changes developers are deploying by way of updates. The purpose of which is to help new entrants catch up and accelerate their game […]

Legou Draws Attention to Talent Trees as Call of Dragons Launch Nears

Rise of Kingdoms developer Legou is reminding fans that it’s best for them to find out which is the best talent tree for heroes for their Call of Dragons game. The latter is another massive multiplayer online simulated life game (MMO-SLG) that publisher Farlight will officially roll out this coming March 28, 2023. With only a few days remaining, future […]